Recipes and Dispatches from the Cinnamon Snail Food Truck

Meat-Free Meals Revamped by the Cinnamon Snail, the Vegan Food Truck with a Cult Following

Cinnamon Snail Street Vegan Cookbook

About the book

One of the top food trucks in America, four-time Vendy Award winner the Cinnamon Snail finally shares the recipes for its beloved street-side meals. Here you’ll find Fresh Fig Pancakes for breakfast, Chimichurri Tempeh Empanadas for a snack, Thai Barbecue Seitan Ribs for a meal, and, of course, Snail classics like Vanilla-Bourbon Crème Brulée Donuts for dessert. Along the way, founder Adam Sobel recounts the challenges of having a kitchen on wheels—from coping with daily parking tickets to serving multiple neighborhoods on an unreliable generator—and how he still finds ways to season his food with imagination, love, and just a pinch of perspective.

Street Vegan brings the Cinnamon Snail’s creative cooking from truck to table and delivers meals worth celebrating to vegans and omnivores alike.

Sandwiches Fries Donuts Gochujang Burger Maple Mustard Seitan Lemonade

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Catering Information

Cinnamon Snail can cater or provide custom cakes for all occasions.

We offer pick up or drop off catering, on site catering, plated multicourse dinners, sandwich platters, pastry assortments, equipment and plate rental.

We have a large selection of appetizers, buffet entrees, and also items for breakfast catering.

The Cinnamon Snail is available for on site catering from the truck for extra special events.

Contact us at for a custom cake or catering quote.

Grilled jalapeno cornbread with chipotle tempeh hash, 
three bean chili, arugula, and roasted tomato habenero sauce
Cinnamon Snail catering spread Cinnamon Snail fig pancakes
Cinnamon Snail Specialty Cakes

Ordering Information & F.A.Q.

Where and when can you receive the heavenly nectars of The Cinnamon Snail? Our exact locations and hours will be posted on Facebook & Twitter.

Question: How can I find your EXACT location?
Answer: The best way to find our exact location is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. There is no way for us to find a guaranteed parking spot. Every morning, as soon as we are parked we will update our exact location to Facebook and twitter. You can setup Twitter to send you the updates by email, or to your phone by text message.

Question: Wait a minute! I don't see the truck, what the hey?!?
Answer: Is it snowing or raining cats and dogs right now? The truck will not operate in really nasty weather. We have a long commute with the truck, and it doesn't exactly ride like a racecar (it’s more like driving a very heavily loaded airplane down the road). If it is a perfectly nice day out and you don't see the truck there are a couple of reasons that may be. Either you are not looking in the right location (check Facebook or Twitter), the truck is tied up for catering or craft services on that day, or we are taking a much needed day off (we are only human, and we love spending time with our kids too)!

Question: Why don’t you allow people to phone or text orders in advance?
Answer: We used to do this way back when, and it’s not really possible anymore. Truth is, ol’ Snaily got TOO popular, and advance orders created a lot of chaos. There would be 30 – 40 orders to do for a specific time (say 12:30), on top of our huge long line. Then people would be at the back of the line, trying to text in their orders so that they could skip the line. It got too crazy, and people got mad when they would get cut in line. Ordering in advance would be fine if we were a restaurant, but being just a small crew in a pretty small truck kitchen it just isn’t feasible. Ordering in advance would be a great thing to offer though, and we are open to suggestions about ways we could make that work with sanity and fairness. If you have any ideas, please hit us up.

Question: I am having a big group for breakfast / lunch and I want to pick up 100 sandwiches at the hight of your busiest hour. How do you like them apples?
Answer: I love those apples! Here’s what you need to do to make our lives easier, and so that we can satisfy your needs. Please place large orders like that the day before (or even earlier if you can). You can place the order by emailing us at

Question: I am poor, or am living the life of a spiritual renunciate. I am very hungry. Can you do anything for me?
Answer: Talk to us! We want to support you as best we can. If you are homeless, we will feed you something for sure. We will also feed you if you have dedicated your life to your spiritual practices and do not work, you just work on your transformation ALL THE TIME. We are happy to put some healthy food in your belly, but if you are ABLE to pay us, please don't rip us off! We will use our discretion and will offer free meals to Poor, Sadhus, and Mahatma! May you live long, and live a life free of suffering and hunger!

Question: I am not poor, or a renunciate, in fact I am very skilled at something. Want to barter?
Answer: Maybe. There are some things that we can really use, and would be happy to trade food for. Do you do food photography, printing, advertising, general contracting work, or something else you think we might need? Do you own a private parking lot / space that we can use? Get in touch with us and we will try to work something out.

Question: Oh my goodness! Your truck and website look awesome. Who made all of the creative deliciousness happen!?!
Answer: Our good friend Greggy (A.k.a. Trip / Daniel Levine) made it happen! He is a very sweet fellow, motivated to spread beauty and peace in this world. You can get in touch with him at Let him know how much you like how our truck looks. He worked long and hard at getting it to really shine! Let him know that "Akel Watersheds He Put the City on the Bounce" sent you.

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